About Journal of Microbiology and Infections

Journal of Microbiology and Infections is an authorized journal of Vernon innovative publishers (VIP) which publishes an original, worthful research on a broad range of topics. This is a Gold open access (OA)  peer reviewed journal, which aims to publish quality papers on microbiology, interdisciplinary subjects and diseases caused.

Peer review Policy

Manuscripts submitted to Journal of Microbiology and Infections operate a single-blinded peer review process. The manuscript is generally reviewed by two experts, based on first decision a minimum of two reviews is carried out within 6-8 weeks. Reviewers will be asked to evaluate the manuscript based on criteria i.e., quality, novel techniques, scientifically sound and whether it is an already published work or adequately clear for publication. Reviewers asked to mark the manuscript on how motivating and important it is.  

Article processing charges

Open access is not a free publication. VIPOA is an autonomous organization which charges an APC which are applicable for processing the article and to provide immediate access to all its research content permanently for an internet users worldwide.

Why publish in Journal of Microbiology and Infections?


During our open access program, authors can have their article made freely available worldwide, directly upon publication by the payment of an article processing charge. These articles are under Creative commons license which provide redistribution, re-use and free for all original works.


Vernon innovative publishers promote all the published articles and content through free email alerts and feeds. We also provide publicity and increased visibility to the articles in journals via updating on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Rapid Publication:

Journal of Microbiology and Infections offer a speedy publication and maintain thorough peer review process. All articles are meant to submit online, the review process is managed electronically through mails and take the final conclusion within 6 weeks from the time of manuscript submission. The article will be published immediately and available in full-text and pdf formats.


VIPOA provides finest reprints which are available for all articles published in Journal of Microbiology and Infections.

Further Information

For more information regarding the journal, publishing articles, advertisements and reprint services, please contact us at editorjmi@vipoa.org.