Guide for reviewers

Reviewers being the potential part of a journal should adopt an optimistic, impartial, but significant attitude towards the manuscript review process with the aim of supporting valuable, precise, and relevant scientific information.

Reviewers for VIPOA are selected by the Editors of the relevant Journal on the basis of their knowledge in the subject area. Reviewer names are unspecified, so authors will not be informed concerning the identity of reviewers.

Reviewers are asked to present detailed, useful comments that will help the editors make a conclusion on publication and the author(s) improve their manuscript. Reviewers should note that the manuscript is confidential and never be used for their own purpose.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • A reviewer should be a doctorate holder or equivalent and have expertise in the respective field to provide impartial review comments.
  • Ensure proficient peer review process and submit reviews within the time-frame (15 days)
  • Must have published at least 10 articles and aware of publication ethics.
  • Reviewers should declare no conflict of interest and if there is any, it should be reported to the Editor.
  • If the manuscript is accepted, check for the plagiarism and provide the review comments, and if declined, provide reasons for rejection.
  • The reviewer should be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the manuscript.
  • The comments to the author should be supportive, precise and constructive.
  • Reviewers should maintain the originality of the manuscript and should inform the EIC if there is any issue related to ethical aspects.
  • Reviewers are advised to refuse the manuscript review if he/she is related to the author in any way.

We welcome interested researchers to act as a reviewer for the Journal. Please send your CV with a list of publications and research interest keywords to