What is an Open Access?

Open Access is an unrestricted access of peer-reviewed articles. All articles published by vipoa.org are Open Access and are free to use and adapt under Creative Commons License 4.0.


VIPOA contributes to Open Access by providing an efficient access to peer-reviewed articles covering all subjects/topics of life sciences and biomedical under Creative Commons License 4.0.

  • High standards of peer-review
  • Easy access
  • Publication speed

What is impact factor and do your journals have impact factor?

Impact Factor is a measure of frequency of articles cited in a journal in a particular year. It is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations to the articles published in that journal during the previous two years.
According to Thomson Reuters, a publisher must complete three consecutive issues for Impact Factor evaluation process.

Who takes the final decision of the manuscript?

Initially we assign the manuscript to reviewers and finally to Senior Editors/EIC for final approval. The final decision of the manuscript includes the subject area, contribution of the article to the scientific field and advances/findings in the relevant area.

How will I know that my manuscript is submitted and is sent out to review?

Once the submission process is complete, you will receive an e-mail. An update of your manuscript will be informed again through an e-mail.

How can I ensure that I receive VIPOA's emails?

Occasionally, email sent by VIPOA may go to spam filter. Most recent software's contain spam or junk folder so, it is worth to checking it. When you observe VIPOA mails in these folders, you can say your program that it not spam or junk just by clicking "NOT SPAM" or "NOT JUNK" buttons and most programs responds to it.

Do you charge for a manuscript submission?

VIPOA does not charge any fee during submission. The author will be asked to pay article processing charge only when article is accepted for publication.