Dear friend,

If you’re worried about if you’re having irrational thoughts about anxiety I can assure you it’s normal. Although it’s normal, it doesn’t mean it’s productive and positive.

Everybody has irritational thoughts about anxiety and other forms of thoughts that don’t help the person in question.

But before you know if a thought is irrational, you need examples to compare if your thoughts are irrational or not.

Let me first explain, that everybody has irrational thoughts about all kinds of situations. So, don’t worry too much about it.

In this article, I’m going to explain what irrational thoughts are. After that, I’m going to provide you with examples of irritational thoughts about anxiety. When you understand that part I’m giving you an insight or perspective on how you can look at these thoughts, which makes them less scary.

Good idea? Ok, let’s continue…

What are irrational thoughts?

What are irrational thoughts?

In short, irrational thoughts are patterns of thoughts that aren’t logical, seem to distort reality, and can have a destructive effect on your social life, but also your inner life.

Most often irrational thoughts are triggered by an event, that creates negative or positive emotions. When you have experienced a similar event or situation in the past, which is stored in the mind, you can be triggered by it.

The trigger is an unprocessed emotion that needs to be processed. From the unprocessed feeling, irrational thoughts come into your mind and recreate the scene of the event from the past.

At least for the most part. Often it mixes old scenes and present ones that create your present experience of that situation.

These irritation thoughts are a way for your subconscious to process the unresolved emotion. The subconscious mind thinks it will get the attention it needs by producing these thoughts.

Of course, not knowing it can get blurry and confusing in your mind. It’s just the subconscious programming for getting your attention because these unprocessed feelings hurt.

When you address these unresolved emotions, the irrational thoughts will go away and you’ll get new clarity and peace of mind. Also, you will feel more heart-centered and will get more rational thoughts.

Now, that we know what irrational thoughts are, what exactly are rational thoughts?

What are rational thoughts?

What are rational thoughts?

You will have rational thoughts when you process data, information, and all kinds of stimuli, to a sound and logical conclusion, which is productive.

A lot of people think that rationality is thinking without emotion. This is not true. Humans are beings of emotion. But what I can say is, that only feelings generated from the present experience will be processed and merged into the equation, for the best conclusion.

At least, as far as that can be. After all, we’re humans and we have unprocessed emotions.

Ok, good that we can make some clarity about what irrational and rational thoughts are.

But let’s make it more specific and let’s inquire examples of irrational thoughts about anxiety.

Example one about irrational thoughts about anxiety

Example one about irrational thoughts about anxiety

Julie is having a really bad day. Her favorite auntie passed away last Friday. Also, she and her boyfriend fought and this could end in a breakup.

She needs to go to the funeral but is already 15 minutes late. She was always late in her earlier years and got a lot of criticism about that. Also, in kindergarten, she was a girl that the kids would pick on.

When she is driving, she’s starting to think:” What if people will get mad about me? Would they do that to me at a funeral? Darnit, I’m always late And I know people hate me for this.

Especially uncle Tom. He seems to really hate me. He always gives me the feeling I’m not worth anything. What did I do to him? Nothing really. It feels like everybody is hating me, while I always try my best.

Now, that I’m really late I wouldn’t be surprised if I get excluded in some way from the entire family. Maybe I deserve it also. What do I got to offer? Nothing really.

Maybe my parents think the same way. We don’t have the connection as we used to. I know it for sure. If I’m late this time they most certainly kick me out of the house and never see them again.

Just like auntie. I will never see her again also. Everybody leaves me and my anxiety is getting worse and worse”.

You probably can relate to some extent with this example. As you can see she makes a lot of assumptions about what she thinks is going to happen.

Although technically it could happen, it’s most likely that it won’t. If you look closer to the story it states that she was bullied in kindergarten and got a lot of criticism in her early life.

This means that the pain of her trauma creates irritational thoughts about what’s going to happen because from that perspective (bullying, criticism.) it will happen like that.

In this way the irrational thoughts distort reality. Why? Because one; it didn’t happen yet, so how do you know? and two; people are often far more compassionate than this.

Let's take another example of irrational thoughts about anxiety: Example two

Let’s take another example of irrational thoughts about anxiety: Example two

Sam is 23 and he grew up in a somewhat violent family. Also, he hangs around with some tough kids around the neighborhood.

Luckily, he met a great girl and left the group, because the group was somewhat violent and abused drugs.

One day he had an important meeting on the new location of his work. I needed to take the subway to get there.

He walked towards the entrance of the subway, but he sees a group of kids that are around 23 years of age. They’re smoking and are drinking beer.

As Sam walks towards these kids, he begins to feel some arousal in his stomach and it spreads in its body. He’s beginning to sweat a bit and also he starts to feel anxious.

Sam is thinking:” I should look out for these guys, they just can’t be trusted. Who knows what they are going to do to me.

Hmm. It seems like they are all watching me” Sam is getting more anxious when he walks closer and closer to the group of kids.

Sam thinks: ”Why are they watching me? And what do is see between his pants? Omg, it has the form of a knife or gun.

They are probably mock me, beat me up, and leave me to death”. Sam knew he had to take that subway, otherwise, he wouldn’t be on time.

He’s starting to get closer and closer to the group, and when he’s at the entrance of the subway. One of the guys walked up to him and said. ”Hello sir, would you like a cigarette, you look kinda stressed” and the kid takes a pack of Marlboro between his pants and offers him a cigarette.

As you can see her there are a lot of irritational thoughts about what the group of kids will do. Sometimes it is bad news, but mostly not, depending on where you come from.

Can you see that irrational thoughts about anxiety are often mind-made assumptions? This is a way for the trauma and the mind to protect you from another similar situation. Only it doesn’t know it’s destructive effects.

A few words of wisdom about irrational thoughts about anxiety

A few words of wisdom about irrational thoughts and anxiety

I think by now you know what irrational thoughts about anxiety are. But maybe you think, how can I get rid of them?

The first thing you should do when you encounter this lowers your breathing. 4 seconds in, hold for 4 seconds, and 4 seconds out. This is a breathing method from the navy seals to reduce your anxiety.

If you have feelings of fear and anxiety try to comfort that feeling. Feel in your body where the anxiety is and go there with your attention. Now hold the anxiety as if were a child that needs to be comforted.

It might feel strange in the beginning, but is a very powerful tool to combat anxiety and irrational thoughts.

If you have done this, the irritational thoughts will get a little slower. The thing you’ll have to do now is observing your thoughts. Don’t believe your thoughts anymore, just be the silent observer.

The thing is, when you do this consistently, the power of thought world will lose grip over you and it can’t take you to the horror stories it like you to get going too.

Ok, so now you got a few tools and examples about irrational thoughts about anxiety. Hopefully, this will make your life a bit better and if so, please share it on social media, or anywhere.

Thanks for your time.

Your friend and coach,