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When you got a strange pulling feeling in your face, you probably wondering what that is and how this is created. There are several reasons why you can have a pulling feeling in your face:

  1. Anxiety and Stress
  2. Migraines
  3. Tension headaches
  4. myofascial pain syndrome
  5. neuralgia
  6. and TMJ.

Especially the tension headaches and the anxiety and stress causes are related to anxiety. The other ones are more neurological in nature.

That’s why we’re going to focus on the stress and anxiety induced conditions to help you out with your question. Hopefully, this will result in a better understanding of what it is and what to do, so you don’t have to feel anxious about it.

The two different types of headaches that cause tension and pulling feelings in your face

These are the two types of tension headaches that you can experience when you have pulling feelings in your face:

  • Episodic tension headaches
  • Chronic tension headaches

Let’s explore the first one: Episodic tension headaches can last for a few minutes to a full week. If the episodic tension headache is more intense, the maximal time of the episodes must last for 15 days for at least three months.

This can be quite annoying, and you could worry about the causes. However, now you know this and you think you’re a part of this group of tension headaches. You don’t have to worry too much.

Let’s explore the second one: Well, actually the word says it all. You have a chronic tension headache when you have 15 days of ongoing headaches in the past three months or even if you have it all the time.

What causes tension and pulling muscles in the face?

What causes tension and pulling muscles in the face?

Well, researchers don’t have much of a clue on this one, which is a bit strange. Because if I look at my own tension headaches there’re a few parameters to consider when you’re having this problem.

Here are the most common ones:

  1. Old trauma
  2. A physical trauma
  3. A moment where you got scared or stressed intensely
  4. Stress
  5. Old emotions that aren’t processed yet.

Let’s see what we can learn about these different causes of tension headaches.

Trauma and muscle tension

Trauma and muscle tension

When you experience trauma it can be gruesome, terrifying or you are just in shock. When the body feels you’re experience trauma, it will contract all muscles to avoid or fight the danger. With most people, and if the trauma is less severe, there’s a natural shaking off, of the energy that was pumped into the muscles.

Normally you would be in your normal relaxed state again. Still, a lot of the time the body fails to shaken all the intense energy from out the muscles. When this is the case, it also means that the energy of the trauma still resides in the body. This old energy will eventually start seeking its way out of the body and starts beginning to wander.

For example, when you feel the traumatic energy in your stomach area, it begins to wander in all different parts of the body to make it less intense for you. But it’s a fact that trauma energy often goes to the shoulders, neck, and head.

So when you’re feeling if somebody pulls at the muscles of your face, it’s actually trauma energy that’s trying to spread the energy, so we can better cope with it.

Physical trauma and muscle tension

Physical trauma and muscle tension

For example when you’re in a car accident, or you broke something with doing your favorite sport, it can cause certain triggers. You can be vulnerable to these triggers your whole life. So, let’s say for example that you had a head injury and it made a pain trigger in your neck and shoulders.

These triggers still have their energy inside of them and it will radiate to different parts of your neck, head, and face. So these could be also a cause of why your feeling pulling in your face.

Also, there’s something called adhesions. This is also when there is a muscle injury, but it created some scar tissue. Your body intelligently tries to heal this scar tissue, which it often does. This is called adhesions. However, this creates problems too.

For example: Now that there’s more scar tissue within the normal muscles. The muscle fibers don’t glide smoothly anymore and cause frictions between the muscles and scar tissue. Muscle tension is the result.

So, think about if you had some kind of injury around your neck and head area because this could be also your problem.

A moment where you got scared or stressed intensely

A moment where you got scared or stressed intensely

Sometimes you’re in a situation where you got scared immensely. The brain responds directly by contracting the muscles. This is due to the preparation of your fight or flight reaction. Normally when your life is in balance, with a lot of moments of relaxation, the stress will flow off again. Moreover, your muscles will lose the stress-energy which caused muscle tension.

Most of the time there won’t be much muscle tension in the face if you have this problem. But it can be a problem when you have anxiety for a long time. The muscles stay active and tense over a long period of time, and then it can radiate towards your face.

Stress and muscle tension in the face

Again here, this is all about the fight or flight response, which makes the muscles tense. The thing here is that accumulated stress remains to reside in the body until you made an effort to flow of the stress. If you don’t have the tools for this, the stress will remain in your body and muscles.

So you need to flow of the stress in order to get your muscles in their normal relaxed state. A few tools that might help.

  • Face Massage
  • Feet reflexology
  • Yoga
  • Walking in nature
  • Meditation
  • Writing your stress situations in a journal
  • Physiotherapy

Why old emotions can cause muscle tension

Why old emotions can cause muscle tension

You see, a lot of people walking around with unresolved emotions. If we look at today’s world, we can see a lot of violence. For me, this is unresolved trauma that’s trying to ground itself by acting out in horrific ways.

The thing here is, that everybody has unresolved emotional debris. It may have different gradations, maar they’re definitely there.

Now, this doesn’t mean everybody has a pulling feeling in their face, neck, or shoulders, but it’s definitely possible. But if you have, this could be the reason.

Emotions are energy in motion. Hence the word e-motion. But when you don’t flow off the energy that embodies the emotions, then you’ll get emotional energy blocks.

The body tries to flow off this energy by using the mind and acting out on people via the ego. But from an energy perspective, your system divides and transports the energy to different parts of the body. Your system does this, so the old energy doesn’t become too dense and create disease.

But when it can’t flow off the old energy, the energy will stick into the muscles and the rest of the body. When the muscles have too much old energy inside them, the muscles can have spasms and twitching movements.

That is the pulling what you feel in your face. Very logical, but it can be quite annoying also. Use the tips that I wrote above to lower your symptoms.

Hopefully, I helped you somewhat with your question or problem. If so, please give it a share on social media or provide a backlink to your website.

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